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DocDock makes it simple and quick for people to access and communicate with their healthcare team. Whether it’s a simple appointment request or an important inquiry, DocDock makes it easy for providers to connect with patients and give them the care they need. Patients can email  a specific staff member or department for prescription refills, insurance questions, or other needs without taking physician time. Patients can request appointments using DocDock, so scheduling can be done efficiently without long phone conversations. Patients have many choices for their health care.  Build your practice and enhance patient loyalty by making access easier and more convenient.  Concierge practices must provide great value to retain patients. Send alerts regarding current community health issues, vaccine availability and other general  health information. Patients can route a map to your office with just a click of a button. Providers spend less time answering calls for directions and enjoy fewer late arrivals, allowing for more time with patients.

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What is DocDock?

DocDock is a mobile app that connects patients with their medical providers. Healthcare professionals simply create an account and enter their profile information, and patients download the app to instantly connect and communicate with their healthcare team. DocDock is the perfect tool for doctors, dentists, and any other type of medical professional. Concierge practices use DocDock to enhance value and patient loyalty.

Healthcare professionals and patients alike enjoy the many benefits that DocDock offers. Drop the barriers in the provider-patient relationship and establish real bonds with happier, healthier patients.


  • Efficiency

    Use DocDock to confirm appointments, send special instructions, and reduce phone calls.

  • Convenience

    Patients can engage with you and your staff directly from their mobile phones.

  • Communication

    Communicate with patients using the most efficient, contemporary way

  • Patient Relationships

    DocDock engagement enables you to build relationships with patients, fostering loyalty to your practice

  • Competitive Advantage

    Adopting modern technology to accommodate patients’ needs sets you apart from other medical providers

  • Improve Your Ratings

    Ask patients to write reviews on Yelp and other sites to improve your ratings and find new patients.

Our Story

After many years of practicing medicine I’ve made some simple observations. First, patients want access to their healthcare team. Second, healthcare professionals want to provide patient care in a timely and efficient manner. Today, neither need is being met.

Recognizing that most people have their smartphone with them at all times, we built DocDock to optimize communication between medical practices and their patients. Now, patients can conveniently and quickly communicate with their medical provider when they need it most.

Richard Abrams, M.D. is co-founder and CEO of DocDock Inc. He is a practicing physician focusing on preventive medicine. Dr. Abrams has been a pioneer in the use of electronic medical records and mobile health technology. He developed DocDock so that busy physicians and equally busy patients could communicate more efficiently and improve satisfaction among all participants in health care. His previous successful start-up company, RMD Networks, used web-based technology to improve healthcare communications. DocDock is the logical next step taking advantage of mobile technology.

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